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    Randomly remembering a joke and laughing about it to yourself

    This fucking duck. Gets me every time.

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    How To Disappear Completely
    Shot by Renée Rorer
    Syracuse, NY

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  • soulsoundsrecords:

    Have you checked out Ahnest! yet? Their tour included a stop at Soul Sounds, check out their video here.

    Follow them on Facebook and check out our live events page for more upcoming shows.

  • soulsoundsrecords:

    A couple of weeks ago, we had Trespassers come play our store. Check it out!

    Follow the band on Facebook here and keep checking our Live Events page for upcoming shows.

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    Ahnest! Clarksville, TN.



    in the morning

  • I think you're really cute. Wanna be my boyfriend?

    Nah, I’m taken.

  • I’m On Tour

    And living in a van for the next few days. So send me asks. I’m bored.